Sunday, September 28, 2008

National Day of Action: Cleveland Reports In

I'm feeling a wee bit lazy right now to provide a detailed report of our National Day of Action Green Jobs Now event. So if you don't mind, click here for photos and a report of our event. I did meet some very nice people and look forward to planning for and rebuilding an urban farm next spring at the Hitchcock Center for Women, host of the event.

Hybrid Car Site

Today my 14 year old reminded me of a promise made seven years ago to give him the keys to my Volvo upon his 16th birthday. That reminder prompted me to start thinking about what I will replace my ride with in 2010. I generally prefer European made cars, but have seriously thought about shifting to those made in Japan, given their solid reputations. I'm not exactly sold on the Toyota Prius stylistically, so I'm still mulling over this car buying decision. Fortunately today, I found this website, which is all about hybrid vehicles. This should help to get me off to a good start in my search for new wheels in a few years. Check it out. Hybrid Car - Hybrid Car Home -

Wal-Mart To Reduce Plastic Bag Waste 33%

Thank God! Wal-Mart has adding reducing plastic bag waste to its sustainability program. Perhaps other retailers will follow the lead of this Goliath. It is a personal pet peeve of mine when cashiers insist on doubling plastic bags and putting one or two items in each bag. It's almost as if they are getting a commission from the plastic industry. When you tell them you don't want a bag or to pack as much into one bag as possible, they look at you as though you are crazy and ask you to repeat your request. Then you must keep a sharp eye on their packaging techniques, because if you don't, you will still find yourself with a million plastic bags for ten items! Wal-Mart To Reduce Plastic Bag Waste 33%

The Bottom Line: Saving and Finding Money | Small Business Gateway | US EPA

I found a great EPA resource for small businesses seeking information and funding for green projects. The Bottom Line: Saving and Finding Money Small Business Gateway US EPA

Small Business Innovation Research | NCER | ORD | US EPA

Are you a scientist or engineer? Check out the EPA's program to fund research in green technology. Small Business Innovation Research NCER ORD US EPA

Green Cred is Essential to Brand Strength: Report |

Green Cred is Essential to Brand Strength: Report

Saturday, September 27, 2008

National Day of Action Today

Today is Green For All's National Day of Action for Green Jobs. I am headed to the Cleveland event and will take plenty of photos to post to the site. You can still participate if there is no event in your city by signing an online petition, texting a petition and uploading some green jobs shout out video's to the Green Jobs Now site.

Wanted: Eco-Fashion Writer

Attention all of my writer and style maven friends. A new eco-fashion magazine is looking for freelance writers. Click here to learn more about the opportunity posted on the Greenbiz Green Dream Jobs website.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Eat Locally

Tuesday, September 30th join me in the Eat Local Challenge. Eat a lunch made of foods grown within 150 miles of your office or home. Eating locally keeps money in your community, reduces transportation related carbon emissions and reduces the need to do strange things to food to prepare them for a long journey across the country or continents. Check out to learn more.
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I'm dining at The Market Cafe, a popular downtown Cleveland lunch spot for those wanting to support a sustainable business and eat great food. Checkout this cool 100 percent compostable to go cup! It's made out of corn. I'm going to test this out by putting it in my compost pile.
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Green At Work

Just want to give you an update on my efforts to develop a sustainable workplace. A couple of weeks ago, I introduced the concept of a sustainable workplace to some senior managers at my job with the assistance of a lovely business woman that specializes in corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Surprisingly, there was quite a bit of education that needed to be done to raise awareness of the benefits of an eco-conscious workplace (save money, retain employees, improve market share, save the planet, etc.). The lunch was a success because we were given the go ahead to speak to an even more senior level exec at corporate headquarters about the benefits of going green. Of course, I won't be talking to him, but the lovely business woman, has a lovely new opportuntity. I hope she remembers me...anyway, I was particularly excited last week, because I was told by one of my lunch guests that her consciousness was raised as a result of our discussion and everywhere she looks, she is seeing green. Now I can really relate to "be the change you wish to see in the world". I will keep you posted.

National Day of Action: Cleveland Walking the Walk

Hey! There is some good news to report. Some of my fellow black and green friends, Mike and Veronica Walton (we are one of about five black people in the city that show up at environmental events) were so inspired by my post promoting the Green For All National Day of Action, that they coordinated a green jobs event in Cleveland. The event will be held this Saturday, September 27th at the Hitchcock Center for Women and will raise awareness of and demonstrate green jobs. Many of the participants will be men and women in addiction recovery and job re-entry from incarceration. Some of the jobs that will be highlighted will be Green Roof Technology, Rain barrel and Rain Garden installation, Permeable Pavement as well as information about jobs in renewable energy such as solar and wind turbine installation/manufacturing. I wish I could have been more involved in the planning, but you can't do everything. If I can remember to charge my camera, I will share a video of the event this weekend on Black and Into Green.

Peace! Green jobs now!!

Stormy Weather

Excuse me in advance because this post is all over the place. I'm in a little bit of a funk this evening for some reason. Could it be that the economy is in such a state of turbulence that even the best minds in the country are stumped on how to straighten things out? Could it be that National Breast Cancer month is coming upon us? Though it has been over a year since I was diagnosed and my last surgery was this month and I am totally cancer free, I am still ambivalent about the fact that every magazine in the universe will be pink next month and have "Breast Cancer" plastered across the front page. I know we need the information (especially black women who suffer higher mortality rates), but for survivors these articles bring back bad memories and a certain amount of fear. Or could it be that I am really amazed that despite the fact that the economy is stormy as hell, people are dying in an unnecessary war, unemployment is rampant, our weather is freaky, health care costs are prohibitive and our children are getting dumber every year compared to our global peers- people won't vote for change because they can't get over the color of a person's skin? These people would die puking and stinking in the streets after losing their homes, healthcare and dignity before they would vote for a black man. What?! Could it be that I am seething over the fact that our black males are graduating from high school at a 35% rate in this economy and going straight to jail? Where are all of our successful men when you need them? At the club? I sure don't see as many of them in the community as I do at Happy Hour or the gym. Or could it be that I am really skeptical about the safety of almost every product that I use, because only God knows what potential havoc it may wreck on our bodies and our environment because of some toxic chemical or radiation level that our government has "determined to be safe". I can't quite put my fingers on the exact source of my funk, but I am praying for a silver lining in this cloudy period of our history and a brighter, greener, hopeful tomorrow for all of us. Thanks for listening.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Must Read: Hot, Flat and Crowded

I am reading the newest book from Thomas L. Friedman, NY Times writer and author of the best selling book, "The World is Flat", which speaks to the leveling of the economic playing field around the globe rising from advances in technology and the popularity of the Internet. Mr. Friedman's newest book, "Hot, Flat and Crowded", addresses the issues of climate change, the rise in carbon copies of Americans around the globe and the impact that four of five versions of American living/demand for stuff and energy/laissez faire attitude about the environment, could have on our natural resources and quality of life. It also speaks to the rapid rise in global populations around the world and the impact on poverty and depletion of resources. Mr. Friedman is very well traveled and informed. He lays out the history of energy policy in this country and stresses the need for Americans to set a new kind of example for the world that is so eager to meet and exceed our current lifestyle and standard of living. The author has been making the rounds of morning shows and radio. Click here to view his interviews. You may purchase a copy of the book, through the "Currently Reading" link or the Amazon Green link on Black and Into Green.


The Mother of All Green Lists!

I just found a cool site that has taken the time to compile a variety of lists related to eco-conscious living. There are lists for parents, fashionistas/ers, families, foodies,advocates of simple living, designers and any other green niche you could imagine, neatly compiled into one website, Organicasm. In addition to the lists of websites, you will also find various tips corresponding to your area of interest. This would be a good site to bookmark as a easy to use green reference guide.

Tips for Saving Money on Organic Food

Found this article from a 2004 piece by a Bankrate writer for the Organic Consumers Counsel on how to buy organic food on a budget. Bankrate is a provider of comparative rate information on a number of financial products. Check it out.

Reuse: Find a Quality Thrift Store Near You

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. I don't know about you, but I am not the kind of person that takes kindly to having to pick through items to find things that I like, so while I have found some good deals at thrift stores in my attempts to save money while saving the environment, I am not too excited by the prospect of shopping at them. I just found this website through the BohoMag page, that will take some of the guess work out of shopping at these stores. The Thrift Shopper is an online directory that provides information about locations and user ratings of thrift stores. There is even a link to a blog that covers high fashion and Goodwill shopping (never thought those two would pair up well). Happy hunting!

Celebrity Rapper Ludacris Goes Green

I saw one of the We Can Solve It ads featuring rapper Ludacris (LUDA!) and rocker Tommy Lee earlier this year. It appears that the ad has evolved into an entire television series titled, "Battleground Earth", where the two musicians and their "ecorages" compete for who can be greener, battling it out at their homes and on tour. You can find the series, which started airing in August, on Planet Green. I have been resisting the urge to increase my cable bill spending, but I might have to give in and add this to my channel lineup! This series could be a great way to get your teens and other male family members and friends interested in the environment. For more on the "green battle", click here.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Green Fashion Magazine

Found BOHO a new eco fashion mag at Barnes and Noble Bookstore just now. Pretty cool content covering fashion, beauty, personalities and issues. To subscribe go to
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