Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sweeten up your diet with dates:

Sweeten up your diet with dates: When I was living with my grandma, I was only allowed to eat candy on Saturdays. When I was a teen, we discovered a health food store called Weber's that was right down the hill from where we lived. They carried nuts, chocolates (white, milk, dark), dried fruits, sesame candies - all kinds of goodies in a special glass case. It was at Weber's that I discovered the sticky deliciousness of dates. They were a regular part of my once a week fix, though I could eat them anytime. Well, I have come full circle, as Weber's has been a great resource for me as I go increasingly raw with my diet. The dates have gotten me over the hump in some of those tough raw moments when you need a snack or something sweet. In fact yesterday, lunch was not an option given my workload, so raw almonds and nuts gave me the energy needed to keep moving. I now even add them frequently to smoothies as a sweetener in place of honey or agave. In raw tomato sauces, they are used in the way brown sugar is used in cooked sauces. Be sure to click on the link in this article for more date recipes.


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Running Raw | Dressing on the Cheap for Cold Weather Workouts

Running Raw Dressing on the Cheap for Cold Weather Workouts The biggest obstacle for me to have greener workouts in the winter is cold weather. I can't get into the house fast enough when it's cold, so I definitely don't want to go back out in it. When I was younger, I ran in the snow frequently, but you just don't have the tolerance for cold weather as you get older. I have made it out in the winter to run out of desperation and found it to be quite nice once you get started. Maybe this video will encourage me to do more green workouts in the white conditions of winter.

Greener Workouts Are Easier Than You Think

Greener Workouts Are Easier Than You Think I'm a gym rat myself, but I did a great job this summer of really greening my workouts by keeping out of the gym and into the great outdoors. I try to set a good example at the gym by carrying a stainless steel water bottle, wearing t-shirts with green slogans and the same old tired pairs of tennis shoes. I even sport on occasion eco-friendly gym gear from Dick's Sporting Goods. There are a decent amoung of affluent folk that attend my gym and I just know they wonder about my shoes sometimes, especially the black folk. You know how we do sometimes. Check out the link in the article to Organic Athletes, a site for folks on a plant based diet and into working out.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Product Sustainability Index: Coming To A Company Near You

The Product Sustainability Index: It's Not just for Walmart Suppliers Walmart has already asked its suppliers to reduce packaging, now they are going for the green jugular, they want to know how sustainable they are too. Walmart being one of the biggest purchasers of goods in the world, will quickly move the green business football down the field with this move. I posted last year that this was coming, hopefully many of you prepared your businesses or your family's/friends about this great opportunity. It's not too late, the article features a checklist that you can use to get started down the road of becoming a greener, cleaner business. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions on this topic.

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Executive Order Firmly Commits Federal Agencies to Sustainability |

Executive Order Firmly Commits Federal Agencies to Sustainability When you see these kinds of headlines, you should be putting on your green business brim and thinking about how to get some of that government green in your wallet! Anytime you read about a government agency or a non-profit being awarded stimulus money, you should know that there is an opportunity for you to profit. The great news for our planet, our people and our pocketbooks is that there are unprecedented amounts of funding being allocated to environmental initiatives. This week in Black And Into Green, I will write about the process of becoming a government contractor, it's not easy, but necessary to leverage these unique and exciting opportunities. I attended a fantastic presentation last week sponsored by a law firm that specializes in government work and was able to obtain some great information that I can't wait to share with you! Just in time too, because the next round of federal budgeting is only a few months away.

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There's No Magic Bullet for Companies Going Green -- So Just Do It |

There's No Magic Bullet for Companies Going Green -- So Just Do It Persistance and vision pays off. Finally, after a year of cajoling and sharing green business news and information with key individuals in my company, we are taking steps in our regional offices to be a more sustainable company. My goal of greening it up has been constantly disrupted by turbulent economic forces, management personnel changes and a hefty workload, but I did what I could to keep the green information stream flowing after an initial meeting last year. What really blew wind into my sails was the fact that our headquarters office has undertaken several green initiatives in the facilities management area and some in purchasing, so it will be simpler for our region to leverage their efforts and successes. I have been asked to be part of our initial green team, so I am truly happy and grateful to the Lord for this opportunity to do something I love at work. God is good!

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Sky Vegetables: Taking Green Roofs to New Heights |

Sky Vegetables: Taking Green Roofs to New Heights I plan to incorporate a green building into my high school redesign project. Very doable, just need to factor in safety and liability issues. This company is growing vegetables, community and green jobs on rooftops around the country. He is a recent college graduate, so you can do what you put your mind to, regardless of age.

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Increasingly Raw: Good Food Photos

Top - A BLT inspired sandwich made with live sprouted Ezekial bread (not a raw food, but close), macadamia dill based mayonnaise, arugula and heirloom tomatoes

Middle - Rawvioli made with paper thin, olive oil marinated turnip slices and pine nut goat "cheese" (recipe from Living Raw Food - see Fall Reading section of Black and Into Green)

Bottom - Rawvioli served with a cooked veggie dish I found in the October Martha Stewart Living magazine. Actually the kale is raw, but topped with a hot honey-vinegar mixture, the squash is baked.

Raw Food Update: Yummy Nut Cheezy Stuff

I think it is about a month that I have been raw curious. I'm still enjoying the journey and have increased the number of raw meals that I enjoy on a daily basis. My son has even partaken of some of the raw goodies, which include smoothies, rawvioli, mayonnaise and nut butters. Even better - the pants are fitting a bit looser baby! I wasn't even trying to lose weight. Flat stomachs and raw food go together. It takes a while to get your kitchen raw food ready, if you have a blender and food processor and eat a lot of veggies, you are 70 percent of the way there. A couple of good health food stores or even grocery stores (I'm still boycotting Whole Paycheck) will supply many of the raw nuts, seasonings and grains that you will need. The other stuff can be added over time (juicer, spiral slicer, dehydrator, unique seasonings and oils). I add new items with each paycheck. Okay, I'm getting sleepy, will post more cool raw stuff tomorrow.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sustainable Design Class Update: The Green Campus

I am researching conventional designs for high school exteriors as part of my homework assignment in my sustainable design class. For my project, I have chosen to redesign (on paper only-for now) my old high school exterior space, not only in a more sustainable manner, but with the goal of creating "a sense of place". One of many fond memories I have of my "school daze" is sitting of outside on the metal railings, soaking up the fresh air under the shady trees. It would be great to expand the physical features of the space to create a welcoming, natural, comfortable environment for the students. There is soooo much potential! Currently, like many urban high schools, the exterior entryway is surrounding by a sparse, grassy area and a few trees, another side of the building is fully committed to parking (the tennis court was paved over) and the other two sides feature gravel "landscaping" surrounded by steel posts or fences that serve to protect the school from traffic, I guess. I chose this project for many reasons - the opportunity to work with landscapes, experiment with urban farming, engage teens and the opportunity to integrate the school into the success and activities of the community. Built in 1926, it sits on a corner of the neighborhood known as five points, where traffic flows from five different directions, so it has the potential to be a showcase green project for the entire community. In this week's class we will discuss community planning and sustainable urbanism. Next week - site and land use, permaculture and water managment. Perfect for my project. I will keep you posted on my progress, lessons learned and projects of my classmates (don't worry, were only three deep).

Anti Cheese/Cheese, The Best Cheese On Earth Is Actually Vegan

Anti Cheese/Cheese, The Best Cheese On Earth Is Actually Vegan Check out this exciting article from Gliving, a totally hip and cool raw recipe emporium! The cheeses referenced in the article have been crafted in the manner of some of the world's finest dairy cheeses, but without harming animals or the environment. May be worth purchasing and sharing over the holidays.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Raw Ravioli Recipe: Stuffed Turnip Ravioli with Seed and Nut Cheese

GreenChef Leslie Bega Stuffed Turnip Ravioli with Seed and Nut Cheese I am trying out this recipe over the weekend (attending two evening events tonight and tomorrow). Already have the turnips marinating in the oil. Want to see more green recipes? Check out .