Tuesday, May 31, 2011

China Bans BPA in Baby Bottles

China bans bisphenol A in baby bottles, vows death penalty for serious safety breaches . Wow. When China bans BPA, you know something is up! When they crack down, they don't play.

Monday, May 30, 2011

No Late Fees for Seeds – Environment – Utne Reader

No Late Fees for Seeds – Environment – Utne Reader

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kohl's Dept Stores Achieves Net Zero Emissions Goal

Kohl's Dept Stores Achieves Net Zero Emissions Goal

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Launch Your Green Business: Comcast Launches Minority Entrepreneur Accelerator...

DanteLee.com Blog: Comcast Launches Minority Entrepreneur Accelerator...: "Comcast Interactive Capital, the venture capital affiliate of Comcast Corporation, one of the world's leading media, entertainment and commu..."

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Living the Life on $30,000 A Year or A Brother Goes Green

Found this article on Yahoo! Finance. Mr. Hopkins discusses how he enjoys a nice lifestyle on only $30,000 a year. I found that he is also using basic green living principles, especially via his use of ebay, Craigslist and thrifting. Maybe we could get more African Americans to go green, buy showing them how they can actually upgrade the quality of their lives through the use of Mr. Hopkins smart buying principals. Though, I suspect a number of us have already incorporated these techniques, just in an effort to survive out here! Trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents, right?!

Eco Ebay?

I keep forgetting about all of the goodies available on ebay for a fraction of the cost to my wallet and to the planet. Buttons are an inexpensive way to customize a thrift or vintage find. Check out these buttons I found from the ebay vintage button retailer, So-cal-button-gal.

The problem with vintage buttons is that it is difficult to find a set, so I had to settle on vintage looking for the ladybug buttons that I will use on my newest thrift store dress. Hope they are the right size!

Want to learn more about styling with vintage fashion, this book is great!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two-fer in Chicago: Green Festival and World Trade Day

Chicago's first permanent resident - Jean Baptiste Point du Sable

Chicago, with all of its imperfections, remains one of my favorite cities - urban (founded by a black man), diverse (though highly segregated), dense, eco-minded, delicious and always poppin'. So it is no surprise that this weekend, it will be hosting the Green Festival and celebrating World Fair Trade Day! I would looooove to attend, but have been out of town two out of the last four weekends - including a college visit to Chicago with my son. Hopefully one of you will go and will take pics for me.

Spring Eco-Friendly, Thrifty and Not So Thrifty Fashion Finds

Check out these spring fashion finds on both ends of the spectrum. The dress was found at a thrift store for $18 bucks, the tie dyed skirt was found at a Green Roots Collection, an eco-friendly fashion boutique, for a bit more, but well worth the money - it is made in the USA with organic cotton and the hat, which is made out of recycled material can be purchased at American Apparel. So there are many ways you can green your fashion - buy used, buy local and organic and buy clothes from recycled fibers/plastic. Doing so keeps shopping interesting, encourages the creation of new businesses from these alternative practices and makes the planet happy!

I will switch out the buttons on this dress, to something fun - maybe ladybugs!

I could not pass up this amazingly soft and swingy tie dyed maxi skirt.

Made of recycled yarns.

Spring Forth Sweet Garden!

Ahhh. It's that time of the year again. Time to revel in the rebirth of the flowers, foilage and fragrance. So here are photos from my spring curbside garden, they are about 10 days old, so the garden is even more plush now. The great news is that we have had construction on our street, our curbs and driveways and the construction workers have taken great care to not disturb the garden!

Friday, May 6, 2011

US Fair Trade Certified Product Sales Surge

US Fair Trade Certified Product Sales Surge

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bisphenol A in can linings – a storm is brewing

Bisphenol A in can linings – a storm is brewing: "Is the tidal wave of concern over bisphenol A (BPA) that swept away polycarbonate baby bottles containing the chemical about to cause similar mayhem in the food and beverage can sector?" Was doing some research for a few clients and discovered this great website, which contains a wealth of information. You can subscribe to a customizable newsletter.

Major packaged goods companies urged to reduce post-consumer waste

Major packaged goods companies urged to reduce post-consumer waste: "General Mills and Procter & Gamble (P&G) are coming under pressure from a shareholder advocacy group to reduce post-consumer waste by collecting and recycling product packaging at their US operations." Interpretation: You have the power to change the world.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Eco-Friendly Fashion at Nordstrom

Tom's, no animals were harmed in the making of these hemp and recycled P.E.T based shoes
Renown for service excellence, Nordstrom is making a splash with eco-friendly fashion tips and merchandise, from jeans and jewelry to sheets and shoes. Check it out. Oh, and there are plenty of items for you conscious men out there ;).

Timberland "Earthkeepers" "Yele Haiti" Boot

Naya, dyed with vegetable dyes

Wiki Environomics

Just discovered a new website which appears to still be in alpha or beta mode, but promises to allow you to share your ideas for sustaining and improving our environment and receive support from users whom may be interested. I just signed up for the "private launch", so I wll keep you posted. Check it out at http://www.earthtippingpoint.com/, if you are interested.

Companies Compete For Green-Minded Talent

Companies Compete For Green-Minded Talent · Environmental Management & Energy News · Environmental Leader Checkout the Green Career center link in the article.

Finding Talent for Today’s Green Jobs

Finding Talent for Today’s Green Jobs · Environmental Management & Energy News · Environmental Leader Information on green jobs to consider for yourself or your loved ones.

Growing Food Locally: Integrating Agriculture Into the Built Environment

Growing Food Locally: Integrating Agriculture Into the Built Environment - EBN: 18:2 Farming, food and gardens are coming back to the cities. High energy prices, rising food prices, economic development for those living in urban cores, increasing demand for tasty locally grown food and a renewed interest in natural spaces are driving this trend. In Cleveland, several restaurants have their own gardens nearby or are planning to incorporate gardens onto their properties. Urban planners recognize that to attract and retain a younger demographic, green spaces in the built environment are essential. Check out these books to rediscover the pleasures of locally grown food.

OgilvyEarth: Green Marketing Failing to Motivate Mainstream America

OgilvyEarth: Green Marketing Failing to Motivate Mainstream America Sustainable Life Media I don't think companies marketing their green products is the issue with adoption. I believe that many companies are marketing their products as eco-friendly in response to a recognition that an increasing demographic of Americans are concerned about sustainability. One of the issues highlighted is that "green" is perceived as being too "pink", so the heck what? Women are responsible for 80% of the household purchasing decisions (large and small) and are outpacing men in earning advanced degrees, so marketers are wise for selling to women. Though I can empathize with men being uncomfortable with how products and lifestyles are marketed, those that are secure in their masculinity and have a real concern about the environment and its affect on our health and our future, could care less about "green" feeling "pink". Though, I would have to admit, it would be interesting to see how marketers would market sustainability to men, in the business world, selling on cost reduction is gaining traction. I love to hear your thoughts.