Sunday, October 19, 2008 - Dr. 'Green' House - Dr. 'Green' House Planning a move to North Carolina, the new "mecca" for black professionals? Consider purchasing a home from former neurochemist turned green real estate developer, Mr. Freeman Ledbetter of Durham, NC. Mr. Ledbetter's homes are friendly to the health of its owners as well as the planet. His business has been insulated from the current housing downturn in large part to this unique niche in green housing that is growing exponentially. Mr. Ledbetter has been approached by FEMA for his unique flood resistant designs and has plans for a senior housing development. He expects to generate $2 to $3 million in revenues in 2009. Not sure if given the current state of this economy, that is still realistic, but anyone selling any homes in this environment is likely to continue to succeed in the future. Let's wish him all the best.

Looking for information on green homes? Click here to get contact information for a Green Building Coalition in your area.

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