Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gloria's 2010 Green Goals

Well, it's that time of the year again. Time to reflect, assess and re-evaluate.Last year, I purchased more local and organic food, incorporated more vegan and raw foods into my diet, ventured back into thrift stores for fashion purchases,bought less stuff, introduced a few business groups to the green economy, invested in socially responsible stock funds and spent less time at the gym, more on the pavement. Wow! That's a lot of green stuff! So here are my top ten 10 green goals for 2010.

  • Take the bus to work one day a week
  • 20% of clothing purchases from thrift, consignment shops, 20% organic or fair trade
  • Obtain LEED (Leadership in Energy and Enviromental Design) accreditation
  • Green renovation of my bathroom and invest in low flow household water fixtures
  • Take advantage of tax credits for green appliance purchase
  • Apply permaculture principles in my garden and plant more edibles (this will be a challenge, as my garden is shady)
  • Host green events including a women's trade show, an Earth Day party and a garden party
  • Promote Power of Placed Based Educational Principles in my Green Schools Action Circle
  • Act as a Green Coach to an African American business
  • Make five green business presentations
So what are your top three green goals for 2010?


Lesley LEED AP said...

Gloria, I hope you'll consider taking a LEED exam prep course with Everblue. Our two-day LEED Green Associate course will teach you everything you need to know to pass the exam. After the course, we'll provide you with 400 practice exam questions, 7 credit memorization worksheets, and unconditional help as needed. Visit the Everblue website or call 888-204-8735 for more information. Everblue students report a historic 90% first-time pass-rate on the LEED exam (which usually has a 34% pass-rate). Good luck on all your goals, and we hope to hear from you this year!

Machja said...

Since you are looking for green clothing (20%), check out these organic cotton clothes by Machja.
I can guarantee you the high quality of these eco-friendly products, since I work for this company. :)

GLORIA said...

Thank you both for sharing your resources. I am a member of our local chapter of USBGC, so I will take my course there. I will check out the eco-friendly fashions provided by Machja.

Have a great New Year!

Vegan Good Life said...

Good luck! I adore my bus rides - perfect to study French, listen to music, read or just reflect. I now acquire all my clothes through thrift/consignment stores and clothing swaps and try and make the most of what I have.

My goals:
1) Reduce my water consumption (i.e., shorter showers).
2) Continue to declutter by donating items and hosting additional clothing swaps
3) Avoid food waste as much as possible.

Happy New Year!

GLORIA said...

Thanks Vegan Good Life. Those are great goals. Cute chicken! Have a great year!