Saturday, January 16, 2010

Raw Food Recipes To Heal The Heart In Raw Times

In between working, watching the Haitian crisis unfold on the news, researching relief organizations, working out and being a Mom, I have tried to maintain balance by doing something I enjoy - trying out new raw food recipes. Raw food is the ultimate in eco-conscious eating - it's animal friendly, good for the earth, easy on the wallet and great for your body. My one complaint, is that it isn't accessible for everyone, given the lack of fresh food in many urban areas. This is changing however, as community, school and urban gardens are making inroads in providing good, fresh food for all people.

Anyway, I am always looking for ways to keep the raw food experience fresh. Two cookbooks that I rely on are featured in the Winter Reading section of this blog, The Raw 50 by Carol Alt and Ani Phyo's Raw Food Kitchen. The first photo, Avo-Corn Stuffed Tomato, is a recipe from Carol's book. It was good, but I think it will taste better in the summer when tomatoes are fresher. For now, I would leave out the tomato based dressing and just enjoy it stuffed with the avocado-corn mixture.

The second photo features several recipes, marinated portabella mushroom "steaks", mashed cauliflower (recipe in the latest VegNews Magazine or versions of them in Ani Phyo's book) and  a crispy green salad with a thick and creamy sage pepper dressing (Carol Alt).  I enjoyed this meal very much. The dressing would make a great dip for in between meals raw snacking.

So remember to take care of yourself by finding balance in life and enjoying something you like (that likes you too). You will be in a much stronger position to take care of others.


Kelven Goodridge said...

Just discovered your blog the other day and love it, lots of good commentary and resources too. Thanks, from one blogger to another.

Rue said...

I really love raw foods too! Thanks for sharing!

GLORIA said...

Kelven, thank you for your fantastic keeps me going!

Rue, of course you do California girl! I spent my formative years in LA and Inglewood, so I guess I have a natural affinity for raw foods and healthy living myself. Hope all is great with you!

Take care.

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