Monday, February 1, 2010

Chocolate Raw Food Brownies - Just In Time For Valentines Day!

Okay, so perhaps you found a soul mate through the raw food hookup sites referenced yesterday. Yes! Now you want to impress him or her with your raw food unbaking skills. These chocolatey, good for you brownies are sooo quick and easy to make that you will have plenty of time to spend with your sweetie! Basic ingredients were almonds, cacao nibs, dried cherries and dates. Equipment needed - food processor and heart shaped cookie cutters. I topped them with chocolate frosting (raw of course). Recipe from Ani Phyo's Raw Desserts book. Teen taste test result - "These are good, but give me the real thing." Not bad coming from a kid who can down a package of double stuffed Oreos in two days! One day he will see the light my friends.


Lisa said...

Finding my soulmate through the sites you've presented is really enjoyable. It's really good to know that many are now into Raw food diet. Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work.

GLORIA said...

Thank you Lisa for your positive feedback! I am glad that you are enjoying to process of finding someone to share your love of healthy and conscious living with.

Best of luck!


John at Cell Phone Recycling said...

Just looking at the picture makes me hungry. Im glad Ive discovered about Raw food diet.

ChocolateOrchid said...

Wow! I haven't gotten the nerve to try any desserts yet but your post is making feel like I can go for it.
Thanks for sharing.

オテモヤン said...


GLORIA said...

John, I am glad that these brownie photos are helping you to move forward on your raw food journey! Sweet!

Chocolate Orchid, I have been grubbin on these brownies every day, chewy, moist and good for you. Really easy to make too! I can't wait to read about your raw food treat.


mack said...

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