Friday, February 24, 2012

Lego Builds the Green Economy with Wind Farm Investment

Remember Lego? It's Taking a Big Stake in Offshore Wind A few months ago my son, Michael, wrote a blog post about Greenpeace's efforts to encourage the iconic Denmark toymaker, Lego, to sever its ties with Asian Pulp and Paper Company. This company had been accused of contributing to the deforestation of the Indonesian rainforest. Apparently, Lego is really getting into the whole green economy concept, as it just made a $534 million investment into a wind farm. The energy from this farm will eventually power all of its operations through 2020. This is the first time that a corporation has taken such a large stake in a wind farm (32%). Check out the new LEGO Friends products which are tailored towards the interest of boys and girls. Now that's what I call building the green economy.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Green Job: Roots of Success and At-Risk Youth

Operations Manager, Roots of Success Wow! You get to work with at-risk youth to help them with critical thinking, problem solving and academic skills using an "empowering environmental education program. West Berkley, California.

Green For All and Howard University Announce “Green is the New Black” a Symposium for Young African-American Adults and the Green Economy — Green For All

Green For All and Howard University Announce “Green is the New Black” a Symposium for Young African-American Adults and the Green Economy — Green For All I love the way that the eco-justice and eco-jobs organization, Green For All, is reaching out to HBCU's to spread the green love. Did anyone attend this event last night?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NRDC: Get Paid to Defend the Environment

NRDC: Working at NRDC Since I'm on this green job roll, I want to share one of my favorite environmental organizations, The Natural Resources Defense Council. Wow! What a concept, earning a living to defend God's earth. (We are supposed to do this without get paid, but that's another story). This organization was founded in the 70's and has offices in D.C., China, San Francisco, New York and Chicago. I would love to work there and/or for my son to work there, given his area of interest and Chicago location. Anyway, it was named as one of the top 50 non-profits to work for, has a huge budget (important if you work for a non-profit) and offers internships, externships and volunteer opportunities.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Paid Enivironmental Internship, RESOLVE

Solutions Internship, RESOLVE to refer this paid internship with a firm that addresses environmental and health issues in divers communities, to a friend or professor.

Available Positions | Jobs at Environment America

Available Positions Jobs at Environment America Green Jobapalooza this week!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Billionaires Plan to Fund Anti-Global Warming Curriculum for Elementary Schools

Koch-Funded Heritage Institute Developing Anti-Global Warming Curriculum for Elementary Schools Everyone recognizes the importance of cultivating values and opinions early in a child's formative years, especially billionaires. We know that our efforts as parents, mentors and aunts and uncles are the best weapons in instilling the values that WE deem to be true and important. So be sure to start at an early age, teaching your children to value this beautiful earth and its many gifts over "stuff" and processes which damage and pollute this gift that God has put under our care. You should also know that the Sierra Club offers a number of educational programs and curriculum guides for parents, communities and teachers that want to expose their children to science based concepts around climate change that even large corporations, municipalities and institutions are using in their business planning and practices.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For Valentine's Day, 80 Jewelry Retailers Commit to Sustainable Supply Chain

For Valentine's Day, 80 Jewelry Retailers Commit to Sustainable Supply Chain every gift begins with care! happy valentines day world!

Monday, February 13, 2012

90% of Home Building Will Have Green Features by 2016

90% of Home Building Will Have Green Features by 2016 green will be the new normal as boomers and gen y'ers demand greener, sustainable and socially conscious features and products.

Green Investing: Socially Conscious Brands Experience Fast Growth

Last week, I reposted a Sustainable Green Job listing for a research analyst opportunity with the socially responsible investment firm, Domini, and shared my experience  as an investor in this space. Check out this article, which highlights the rapid growth of "brands with a higher purpose", which includes Chipotle, Method and Stonyfield brands. Confirms that socially responsible investing can offer higher returns on a number of measures!

EPA Green Jobs Alert: 2012 College Internship Opportunity

Okay, I'm on a roll folks! I posted yesterday about internships with the National Park Service, but here is one more paid green job internship for diverse students (African American, Latino, Native American). Did I say, paid? The EPA Student Diversity Internship Program (EPASIP) encourages highly qualified undergraduate and graduate students to pursue internships involving scientific research or a focus on business, policy and government relations. Internships are ten weeks and available in the summer or during the school year. The information on the website infers that one must attend a designated historically black, latino or native american university, but there is flexibility around that qualification. I found this internship on the UNCF Special Programs Corporation website. You can tool around the site to checkout other opportunities and register to receive updated information. Happy Green Job Hunting!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Green Jobs: Green Internships for Diverse Students

I am happy to say that I am the proud mama of a future National Park Service intern! Yay! Funny how things work out. I have been the unofficial recruiter of highly qualified and diverse college students for the lovely, lush and green, park system in our area for several years. Obviously my son has been listening (imagine that) to me spreading the gospel of these great green job opportunities and told me while still in his first quarter at DePaul, that he really wanted to interview for the next round of summer internships at the National Park Service. I was pleasantly surprised! So I put him in contact with the hiring department, he sent his resume, interviewed, completed an application and even did some volunteer work this winter break for the park. After further discussions with the hiring ranger, he was recently informed that he will be hired this summer as an intern. This is so exciting! (Apparently, contacting your local park ranger or hiring office is the recommended way to explore internship opportunities). So of course being the curious mother that I am about all things relating to my beloved child, I did some research on 2012 summer internships at the National Park Service and discovered the Cultural Resources Diversity Internship. It is a program which provides paid opportunities for talented and highly qualified students from diverse backgrounds that are between the ages of 18-25, to explore cultural resources and historic preservation work. The park service recognizes that as our country's diverse population grows, there is a need to nurture in these populations, a love and appreciation for our natural and cultural resources. There will need to be an ample supply of talent and donor dollars to maintain our countries green jewels. Interns will be assigned to a park system in their region, work for 10 weeks and be flown to Washington, D.C. for a three day career workshop during the last week of the internship. Sounds great! Where do I sign up? Oh, I'm slightly over 25 years old. Click here if you want more details on the green internship, deadline to apply is March 2, 2012.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

California's Green Jobs Were Most Resilient During Recession, Fastest Growing Sector

California's Green Jobs Were Most Resilient During Recession, Fastest Growing Sector

Research Analyst, North America, Domini Social Investments

Research Analyst, North America, Domini Social Investments This is one of the first woman owned and founded socially responsible investment funds. It was founded by Amy Domini in 1990, when as a stockbroker in the 80's, she noticed that there were socially conscious clients like ourselves, that wanted to exclude specific types of companies from their investment portfolios. It took her ten years, but the first indexed stock funds of socially responsible companies was born! For more information on socially responsible investing, check out the Domini website, the Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment and Ron Robins at Investing for the Soul. Personally, I have funds invested in a number of socially responsible funds and with the exception of the alternative energy fund, they did much better than the stock market in general last year. I used the Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment as a resource.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oil-Funded Bill Introduced to Force Through Tar Sands Pipeline

Oil-Funded Bill Introduced to Force Through Tar Sands Pipeline