Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Best Green Fashion Online Shopping 2009

The Best Green Fashion Online Shopping 2009 One negative aspect of living a more eco-conscious lifestyle is the guilt. Once you have a better understanding of the amount of pollution, waste and poor working conditions it takes to make that cute little top, you just don't have as much fun shopping. So while most of my fashion purchases are not eco-friendly, I have been more discrete about what I do buy, limiting my selections to well edited, unique classics. I have included more vintage and thrift pieces into my wardrobe and have really worked what I already have in my closet. Dick's Sporting Goods offers a line of organic workout wear, so that is something that I support with my shopping dollars. My son enjoys shopping at Urban Outfitters and I have been able to buy him a few organic pieces from that retailer as well. The author of the article featured in this post has done the homework of finding some great green fashion sources for us. God bless you! She has screen shots and reviews of the websites, so you can eyeball the sites to see which fits your style. Kind of like walking in the mall and visually scanning each retailer until you see something that catches your eye.

So enjoy some guilt free shopping from the cozy comfort of your home and support the green economy!

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