Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Bird's Nest In A Pear Tree

I was at one of my favorite mid-town green eateries, Tastebuds, when I decided to take a look at the pear tree that I discovered last summer. I discovered it last year growing near a chain link fence in the back an urban parking lot, adjacent to a highway. It was pear palooza. Check out its winter profile, tucked in top branches you will see the outline of a bird's nest. It's nice to have an appreciation for beauty of a plant in all of its forms.

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DNLee said...

great photos. I love the winter because it allows us to see so much moe happening in and with trees. but actually, I would venture to say it's a squirrel nest, a drey.

The gathering of leaves in a ball like that in the high parts of a tree are often the work of gray squirrels. Usually there are 2-4 more in the same or nearby trees.