Monday, June 28, 2010

This Week In The Garden

The garden is popping with color like a veritable fireworks display! It is so peaceful, yet mentally stimulating to sit outside and enjoy the sounds of birds above, the chitter of chipmunks, the new flowers for the week and the progress of my edibles. I completely get why Jesus would return to the wilderness when he needed to clear and focus his mind. This is yet another reason, we must take care of nature. If Jesus loved it, so should we. Did you know that spending time outdoors can improve your short-term memory? This week in the garden in addition to beautifully textured and patterned foilage, a wide variety of lilies are in bloom, crunchy purple kale grows, jalapeno peppers are popping, maters are being harvested, pink dahlias are hot, euphobia stands stall, native trumpet vine with its tubular flowers feed nectar to the hummingbirds, figs are forming (so pumped!), yellow tinged, airy lady's mantle are standouts, pink sweet peas smell amazing and the pink and white hydrangea are showstoppers.