Monday, February 13, 2012

EPA Green Jobs Alert: 2012 College Internship Opportunity

Okay, I'm on a roll folks! I posted yesterday about internships with the National Park Service, but here is one more paid green job internship for diverse students (African American, Latino, Native American). Did I say, paid? The EPA Student Diversity Internship Program (EPASIP) encourages highly qualified undergraduate and graduate students to pursue internships involving scientific research or a focus on business, policy and government relations. Internships are ten weeks and available in the summer or during the school year. The information on the website infers that one must attend a designated historically black, latino or native american university, but there is flexibility around that qualification. I found this internship on the UNCF Special Programs Corporation website. You can tool around the site to checkout other opportunities and register to receive updated information. Happy Green Job Hunting!

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