Monday, May 26, 2008

Ten Budget and Eco Friendly Green Graduate Gift Ideas Part II

    As promised earlier this week, here is the budget version of eco-friendly green graduate ideas (click here for the first ten gift ideas):
  • Advice on future green careers - remember the advice Dustin Hoffman received in "The Graduate" - "I have one word for you: Plastics" - replace "Plastics" with "Alternative Energy"- priceless
  • A gift certificate for home baked cookies or cakes upon request
  • List of local farmer markets or CSA's in the area graduate will reside in
  • Itunes gift card with music and sneak in a few podcasts on responsible and healthy living
  • Offering of quarterly care package consisting of personal care items
  • Coordination of a breakfast or coffee with a possible mentor or potential employer
  • Sunday dinners at your house - you can introduce to a low carbon diet
  • Offer to host a family garage sale with proceeds benefiting the graduate
  • Cookbook on simple healthy meals - good age to start healthy eating habits for life
  • Spa party for female graduate, guests bring a dish and an eco- friendly personal care item

Okay those are a few of my ideas. Feel free to add yours!

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