Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Billionaires Plan to Fund Anti-Global Warming Curriculum for Elementary Schools

Koch-Funded Heritage Institute Developing Anti-Global Warming Curriculum for Elementary Schools Everyone recognizes the importance of cultivating values and opinions early in a child's formative years, especially billionaires. We know that our efforts as parents, mentors and aunts and uncles are the best weapons in instilling the values that WE deem to be true and important. So be sure to start at an early age, teaching your children to value this beautiful earth and its many gifts over "stuff" and processes which damage and pollute this gift that God has put under our care. You should also know that the Sierra Club offers a number of educational programs and curriculum guides for parents, communities and teachers that want to expose their children to science based concepts around climate change that even large corporations, municipalities and institutions are using in their business planning and practices.

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