Monday, April 2, 2012

Black and Green Love: Ideas for Finding that Soulmate

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Just came across a blog called Black Man's Survival Guide when I was doing a search on black and into green (green as in liking to eat vegetables vs meat) dating sites. Why was I looking for this category? I noticed in my blog traffic that lots of folks seem to be looking for places to connect with like minded vegans and vegetarians on the internet, based on the popularity of a post I did a couple of years ago on dating sites. So I was thinking, give the people what they want and found this great post by AfroDaddy. So AfroDaddy, did a great job of compiling a list of African American centered sites in this category and one of them was a site called Napturals (cool right) - unfortunately, it is no longer in existence. So for now, for all of you crunchies looking for green love on the internet, you will have to stay with the tried and true as noted in my previous posts on the matter. My theory is that you should get out of the house and get involved with issues, organizations and activities that you care about, whether it be activism, community gardening, blogging, cycling, running, art - whatever. Travel via Megabus or carpool to conferences like Blogging While Brown , Black Ivy Alumni League and Urban Farming or events in other cities (Caribana, Taste of Chicago) to expand your horizons. Sell your art, pies, sauces, greens, personal care products at the neighborhood farmers market.  Another option is to create your own event or workshop in a marquee event and invite some eligibles to attend - sounds fun right? You may not find love right away, but life will love you back and you will feel great about all of the wonderful folks you will meet on the way. What are you doing to find that special someone? Your fellow Black and Into Green crunchies need to know!

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african girls said...

Online Dating is one of the popular sites nowadays. It is really true that finding your soulmate will not be there right away, it needs time and effort,so for the mean time while he/she is not yet there try to do some outdoor activities so that while waiting you made your life meaningful and inspiring.