Thursday, October 4, 2012

Debate Attacks Green Jobs

Washington Post Check out this article highlighting the attack on green jobs during the debate last night. Interestingly, green jobs are actually growing faster in conservative parts of the country. Guess someone didn't get his talking points from the many conservative employees that are benefiting from these new economy, innovative, green jobs. It's okay for old economy companies to continue to benefit from "job creating" subsidies, but not okay to provide subsidies to develop the American jobs of the future. There will be some winners and some losers, but subsidies are supposed to provide capital to encourage growth and investment and build knowledge in new, riskier industries that have great potential. This is what SBA loans and SBIR grants do to support entrepreneurs that show potential, but may not be attractive enough to get capital from banks or even equity investors, given their risk profile. Many successful businesses have benefited from that early boost that an SBA loan or government grant provided and have grown to become job and wealth creators for their communities. I'm pretty sure that Big Bird wasn't the only one making the famous Scooby Doo sound..."RRRR?", during last night's debate.

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