Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hungry Man Tested Black Bean Veggie Burger

Black Bean Veggie Burger on Toasted Bun

So my handsome son is home for winter break and has announced that he is eating a more plant based diet - this from the person whom lived to argue vegetarians down about the value of meat,  even though our meat was limited to poultry and fish. I was quite pleased that he has taken the first steps towards more humane and environmentally friendly eating. My uncle likes to tease that me and my dad eat like goats. LOL! One more to add to the herd, I guess. The problem was that my son is very tall and requires some filling food on a college budget and with beginner cooking skills, so I knew veggie burgers were the answer. Being the loving mother that I am, I searched high and low on the web for a simple, budget and man friendly veggie burger recipe. Alas, pictured above is the black bean burger recipe that I felt worthy of this momentous occasion. I added some of my own touches, including, spices, mustard and Worcester sauce.The plan was that we would prepare the veggie burger together, so I could teach him the basics. He had other plans. :(  Being that I was hungry, I commenced to whipping up this recipe on my own. The first hint that this was a success, was the comment, "That smells good". They were quite beautiful, I must admit. After a few bites he exclaimed, "These are really good." Ya Yuh! The final test of a man friendly burger is when the hungry one departs from the couch and the Internet to come into the kitchen and utters these words, "Now how do you make these?" VICTORY IS MINE!!!! It was a great day in my household. We discussed veggie burger basics, variations and eating strategies. I put another batch in the frying pan, while he watched and did the flipping and he ate a second one. That is when you know it's getting real in here....

Hit me up with your favorite vegetarian college food recipes.


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