Monday, January 7, 2013

African American Youth Takes The Lead In Growing Her Green Business

Successful 12-Year-Old Entrepreneur’s Advice to Newbies: ‘Know What Your Ideas Are’ | Techyville
I continue to see Maya Penn of Maya's Idea Shop featured in need articles and thought that it was about time for me to give to give her a shout out on Black and Into Green. She is the most productive 12 year old that I know!! Her advice featured in the above Techyville article is inspiration for us to keep  plugging away at our green living, advocacy and business goals for 2013. Love her ideas about keeping a journal of your ideas. I keep a memo on my smart phone of problems that I've identified that need a product or process solution. All great businesses are founded on problems that need to be solved, though there are some problems that we didn't even know we had until someone developed the idea (though, not always guaranteed to be a profitable business). Anyway, let's all show Maya some love and put her site on our blog roll and support her Etsy shop. You go, Maya!!

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