Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mango Banana Lavender Raw Smoothie w/Cacao Nibs

Today was one of those days when I wasn't hungry for breakfast, but felt compelled to put something in my stomach for fear of tearing up the refrigerator this evening! LOL! Filling smoothies are perfect for these kinds of mornings. Since I've been on a edible flower kick recently, I was determined to get some in my smoothie. This recipe was influenced by a delicious honey lavender ice cream treat created by Mitchell's Ice Cream, a local favorite in Cleveland. So here is an informal recipe:

Add to a blender the following:

1/2 large very ripe mango (broken into chunks)
1 small banana
Large handful of ice cubes (about six)
Dash of cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon dried lavender or 1/2 teaspoon of fresh lavender flowers
1 cup of almond milk (give or take some according to how thick you like your smoothies)
2 tablespoons hemp seeds
Tablespoon of cacao nibs or 2 teaspoons of chocolate chips
Agave or honey to taste (if you have a crazy sweet tooth, because mangoes and bananas are pretty sweet)

Crank it up in the blender on high speed!

Makes one very large serving or two medium size servings

Enjoy. Ahh!

 Mango Banana Lavender Smoothie in Chill Mode

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Anonymous said...

Banana and cacao is my favorite combo. I like the idea of having chocolate without the milk, fat and cholesterol.

I have to try it with lavender.