Thursday, November 20, 2008

Eco-Friendly Totes by Ali Rapp

Closet Couture -> Accessory Report: Eco-Friendly Totes by Ali Rapp Let's face it. I'm an Anthropologie woman at heart. I absolutely love that store, the colors, the smells, the distractions, the one of a kind nature inspired products. It's sensory overload and I love it! My mother says it reminds her of Atlanta in the seventies. How cool is that? Anyway, I have had a hard time making purchases there this year, because almost everything is made in my favorite place - China. Again the images of child labor and toxic dyes seeping into the rivers, can't stay out of my head. Someone please correct me if I am over-imagining conditions there. So while I certainly have made a few purchases this year, I have passed on many more. In my internet search for an Anthropologie replacement, I came across this post, from the Closet Couture blog. These are bags are pretty nice. Very Boho chic. Then I saw the price....$68 bucks. I started thinking about the collection of bags that I have around the house. Heck, with a little fabric paint, glitter, crystals, ribbons, and my collection of individual buttons, flowers and earrings, I can make my own one of a kind Boho bags. So can you! Talk about reduce, reuse and recycle. If I can find the time to explore my creative side, I will post the photos online. I'll show you mine if you show me yours!!

In the meantime, please share your favorite eco-friendly fashion websites. One of my favorites for accessories is Latrice Designs. Maybe, because she actually has handbags made out of recycled Antropologie catalogs! You are a good woman Latrice.

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