Thursday, November 20, 2008

'Recyclers' Illegally Exporting Electronic Waste

Epoch Times - 'Recyclers' Illegally Exporting Electronic Waste Our love for the latest and greatest in electronics, gadgets and appliances is spreading death and destruction in the form of chemical poisoning and cancer throughout Asia and Africa. How are we going to complain about Darfur and the Congo, while contributing to misery ourselves, through our greed. We need to do the following to avoid these electronics from getting in the wrong hands:

1) Be content with what we have right now
2) Take good care of your stuff-it will last longer and you will be more satisfied
3) Recycle electronics by donating items to organizations that could use them
4) Return old products them to original retailers and manufacturers
5) Ask recyclers how products will be re-purposed
6) Insist that "planned obsolescence" be a scam of the past-vote with your wallet and your internet voice

Check out Earth911 for reliable recycling sources and ideas.

Peace on earth.

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