Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fresh Food Oasis Comes to Cincinnati Urban Food Desert in Avondale

Finally! Here is my press release for the Summerville Farmer's Market in Cincinnati. I will send to several local news sources. Hopefully we can get some free publicity. The formatting is a little funky on Blogger tonight, so please forgive the sheared margin. Business is picking up, but we are still looking for vendors, volunteers and customers. As we execute the marketing plan I developed, we hope to see Summerville's financial health thrive and grow along with that of the community!

Lisa crafted, constructed and installed this sign for the market


Media Contact: Lisa A. Bussey

Gloria Ware

Public Contact: Lisa A. Bussey


Cincinnati has one less "food desert", thanks to the efforts of West End resident and Avondale businesswoman
, Lisa Bussey. Seeking to fill the produce gap in the diets of area residents, Ms. Bussey has opened the Summerville Farmers Market at 3166 Reading Road in the heart of the Avondale neighborhood.Summerville will be the area's first outdoor market and will offer a selection of fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables. Much of the produce is grown on the premises and is often picked to order fresh from the onsite garden. This unique feature thrills patrons of the market, as it offers superior taste and creates a connection to the food, something which has become lost in the past years as more of our food is imported from around the world and developed with a priority for enduring extended shipping times over tasting good.The market is a labor of love for Ms. Bussey, who cleared the once vacant urban lot, managed the garden and built much of the existing infrastructure and with her own hands. Having a Masters in Urban Planning from the University of Cincinnati, she realizes the potential for the market to revitalize the physical and economic health of the community. She envisions the market as a catalyst and gathering place to not only improve the health of the community, but she plans to work with local residents interested in becoming vendors to expand product offerings to include honey, baked goods and various crafts. As the market grows and financially supports a permanent market structure, her goal is to provide green job training and employment opportunities in the area of construction, facilities maintenance and landscaping for the area's unemployed citizens.Openings are currently available for vendors seeking to market their goods. The Summerville Farmers Market hours are Saturdays 11am-3pm and Sundays Noon-4pm and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) cards are accepted. Please contact Ms. Bussey for more information.

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