Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Week in the Life of a Black and Green Blogger

Hello readers! Thinking about how terrible it was that I have reduced my blogging to once a week and after assessing the reasons for this, I thought I would share my past week with you. The week started out with me recovering from a night of schmoozing and networking at Youth Opportunity Unlimited's 25th Anniversary event. I am a board member of this organization that serves the needs of over 3000 teens in the area, providing employability skills, jobs and internships. Sunday and Monday- spent in bed (when not working), attempting to heal from some sort of virus. Tuesday- dragged myself after work to my last Ladies Who Launch incubator session. It was great though, in addition to the seven wonderful women that I came to know over the course of the four week incubator, I met an African American entrepreneur who provides environmentally and health conscious cleaning services to daycare centers and doctor's offices. (Do you know what kinds of products are being used on toys and surfaces your children are exposed to?) Wednesday - Attended a networking luncheon, where the featured speaker was Jill Buck, an environmental activist and green business consultant (my role model). Later that evening, taught a group of tweens and teens at the YMCA, the importance of budgeting. Thursday - worked out at my local gym and went out to eat at 10pm with my wonderful son. I was supposed to attend a rally on green jobs, but you have to set personal limits. Friday - At work, I worked with a business owner to provide resources for her pending green building project, came home and napped and then blew that by talking on the phone until 2am. Saturday - woke up very early, worked out while reading the green issue of "School Planning and Management", bought some native plants for my garden and then sat around exhausted (paid the price for the 2am chatting). So here I am this morning, sipping on some organic tea (I should really be in church) typing in my chemical free garden, looking forward to sharing some knowledge with you. I also have to write an article which is due Wednesday, for emPower Magazine, which just launched last week. So I hope you will forgive me for not reaching out as often as I should and know that while I may not always be posting, I'm always researching and thinking about what good stuff, I can share with you. Have a great week!

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Ana said...

Ms Lady can you sit down somewhere and let the rest of us catch up with you!!! Sheesh you had my head spinning just reading how busy your are. You are involved in so much good stuff. I wish we were closer because I'd be hanging onto your shirt tails to come along for the ride. Your heart for the young is awesome! Truly awesome lady!