Sunday, August 22, 2010

Green Your Church Renovations/Repairs/Upgrades with Federal Funds

Green churches to receive federal funds Since I didn't make it to church today, I am tithing my time in finding green renovation resources for a local church. Creation care has yet to hit the radar of many black churches. I'm not sure of why that is, when so many African Americans are impacted by a polluted environment, toxic personal care products, poor overly processed, salty, fatty diets and consequently, suffer from poor health. Blacks can really benefit from green job opportunities, but are often clueless and can definitely experience reductions in utility costs if we would take advantage of energy saving devices and weatherization programs available for low income families. The church could be very influential in leading the effort on greening and cleaning our communities and our planet (Gen 2:15). I could go on, but I won't. I will share some of the resources that I found in my research for churches interested in moving in this direction as they renovate older historic buildings or build new sanctuaries.

1) - two great green church building resource documents online
2) - More resources - referenced in the article above
3) American Baptist Church Extension Corp - 800-222-3872 x2480 (haven't vetted this number yet)
4) - look for congregation services
5) Speak with local sustainability groups and representatives from your state's energy department
6) Ask your local electricity supplier if energy audits can be conducted for free for churches

God bless you and your search for Eden!

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