Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Urban Garden Girl

Check out Patti Moreno's cool site for tips on sustainable gardening and living in an urban environment. She is from New York and has gone old school in her approach to taking care of her family. You will like this site because it features instructive and fun videos of Patti in action. Although while watching the videos you will wonder how she has time to put all of this together. I guess I'm just jealous. She is kind of like an urban Martha Stewart of sustainability. Strut your stuff Patti!

1 comment:

Ana said...

I'm not gonna lie! I"m a bit jelly of her ability to do all that too. I've started alittle porch garden with mainly herbs. Now I"m going to include tomatoes. Nothing grand like this lady has. You crack me up with urban marth Stewart of sustainability. lol But I'm not mad at the lady, she's doing her thang - it's ALL good!