Monday, December 27, 2010

Number One Awesome Personal Green High Impact Achievement of 2010

(Photo compliments of Climate Lab)
One of my goals for 2010 was to start a new career. Actually, since becoming a survivor a couple of years ago and facing that milestone birthday a few years back, I have been longing for meaningful,  conscious work. Well, really, I have been longing for meaningful, conscious work since my Buckeye days. As a senior, I worked at the Office of Black Student Programs and had the responsibility for the development and implementation of educational and attractive programing for students and the community. Inspired by Black Enterprise Magazine, I decided to put on a seminar about entrepreneurship, titled "Being Black and In the Green". Sounds familiar right? Back then, the green referenced mula baby! I brought in partners from The Ohio Department of Development to instruct folks on how to start a business. It was a successful program, in that two participants actually started businesses! Fast forward to 2009. I began thinking about ways to meld my passion for entrepreneurship, sustainability and an extensive banking background into a new career....and voila!... in 2010 funding came through at a nationally recognized entrepreneurial focused economic development organization to continue to expand its inclusion efforts. That would be, efforts in insuring that women and minorities have the vision and access to capital to grow large, high impact, high potential businesses. A big focus is on businesses with the potential to hire lots of folks in the urban areas of our region. So, as a senior advisor in our inclusion group, I have been entrenched in an exciting world of innovation, new ideas, VERY bright people, successful serial entrepreneurs, collaboration, venture capital and guess what? Lot's of sustainability focused business ideas - from folks of all hues. (I couldn't have written a better script for a dream job) A good sign that I was at an advanced and progressive organization, was that on the first day, I saw lots of recycling bins, ceramic mugs for coffee and the double sided option for printing documents. Always a good start, right? In fact, one of our target investment areas is alternative energy. So I have been busy, learning a new industry, reading through and hearing pitches for new business ideas, while helping our folk navigate the best path to developing and financing their businesses and their dreams. My experience with sustainable networks, green living and green business resources has already been helpful. I look forward to sharing these resources and new sustainable financing sources with you in 2011. Maybe 2011, will be your year to find the green job of your dreams! God Bless.

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