Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Raw Mocha Angel: Applesauce

The Raw Mocha Angel: Applesauce Recipes and insights from a raw sister!


Mommy of Many said...

I have recently become more concerned with the foods I am feeding my children and the earth that produces them. I don't know why after all these years it finally hit me that an unhealthy earth yields unhappy foods. I am learning of the joys of raw foods and sharing this joy with my children.
Thanks for the recipe.

GLORIA said...

Mommy of Many, I am so glad that you are taking your mothering to the next level (as we do every year of our children's lives - even when they are grown)! This Raw Food Angel website is spot on when it comes to serving up tasty raw foods to your kids. I found in my raw food journey that just creating new and creative ways to combine simple fruits veggies and nuts go a long way. Example: Sweet apple slices w/ almond butter and honey mix. Juicy organic oranges. Yum. Good luck to you!