Saturday, February 5, 2011

Who Needs Meat When You Have These Delish Vegan Gluten and Soy Free Burgers?

Made in Ohio and Eco-Friendly Packaging
 While not quite a vegetarian (I don't eat red meat or pork), I am learning how to incorporate more vegan and vegetarian sources of protein into my diet. Eating more raw foods, has been helpful in achieving that goal. I'm practically hooked on almonds! However, there comes a time when you want a nice, savory and fulfilling burger. Not happy with the soy filled vegetarian options that are on the market, I have been seeking a delish veggie burger alternative. Alas, I have hit the jackpot with not just one delish vegan soy and gluten free veggie burger option, but two! Oh, yeah. Check them out:
Foodies Artchoke Burger

Original Sunshine Burgers (Southwest Flavor also available)

These veggie and nut based burgers are so good. Our local raw food restaurant/grocer, Optimal Wellness Center, makes an excellent nut based spread that just adds to the taste excitement of these babies. I also like the premise taken by Original Sunshine (sunflower seeds), that they aren't trying to mimic the taste of a meat burger, but just make a good burger. I must say that they are favorful, dense and filling. The artichoke burgers are less dense, but packed with a savory goodness that I yearn for at lunch time. I enjoy these burgers with lettuce, tomato, avocado, cukes, onions and bbq sauce, mustard or the raw ranch spread I mentioned earlier. Usually I will sandwich between whole wheat pita or Ezekial bread. You could also enjoy the Artichoke burgers over a portion of brown rice and veggie gravy. Because both of these choices are soy free, I think your kids will enjoy them. My son hates the after taste associated with soy based vegetarian products. I found these burgers in the freezer section of Whole Foods, but check out the attached links to find out where can find them in your neighborhood.

Five Star Foodies - Offers a host of vegetarian products, recipes and testimonials

Original Sunshine Burgers - All organic, gmo free and lots of recipes

Bon Appetit!


ChocolateOrchid said...

Oh wow! I've also been looking for soy-free veggie burgers. Found one that was rice-based, but don't remember the name of the brand. I hope that the WF's and smaller markets carry these brands.

Thanks for sharing.

News from First Community Interfaith Institute said...

I have eaten the Sunshine burgers. The garden herb and the breakfast sausage were pretty good. They are somewhat pricey, though. I would like to try the Five Star Foodies brand.