Sunday, March 13, 2011

Icy Beauties: Snapshots of the Winter Garden

So often in these crazy Northeast Ohio winters, I rush right in from my car to the house. One day a few weeks ago, a confluence of factors enticed me to stay outside and survey the winter garden. The night before these photos were taken, an ice storm struck Cleveland and created beautiful icy sculptures from natures bounty. The next day everyone was commenting on how beautiful the trees and shrubs were encased in their ice frames, it also turned out to be a sunny and warmer day, thus allowing me to take in my own frozen green assets.

This honeysuckle is home to a robin family. Make a nice screen on my front patio.
This clematis features light blue flowers in May. It also adds privacy in the summer.

This yew is not as picturesque any other time of the year.

This is an upside down photo of the hydrandea "Annabelle", it is a very light green ball of fluff in the spring.
This is the hydrangea Annabelle's wintry frame. Often I use the dried flowers as Christmas tree ornaments.
Gaze into the crystal ball. This normally sits on a stand in the midst of lush green foilage.

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