Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Nature Conservancy: Engaging Urban Youth

Highlighting Employees in the Community-Brigitte Griswold The Nature Conservancy I was conducting some research on The Nature Conservancy and came across this story as part of their dialogue on diversity. If any of you have attended any community "eco" meetings, you know that the green movement is light on shades of brown and black. It's good to know that some in the environmental community are paying attention to the need to be present in the lives of folks from all backgrounds and to have persons of color present and engaged in their organizations. After all, don't scientists and environmentalists often speak to the need for bio-diversity to maintain a healthy ecology. This same principle applies in human nature and organizations, especially as our nation and world become more ethnically diverse and move from developing nation status to booming economy status. These are the last people that you want to leave behind in the conversation around the importance of balancing economy with ecology. I will continue to read and learn more about The Nature Conservancy and other environmental organizations efforts at walking the talk. In the meantime, "Kudos" for the steps taken thus far.

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