Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring Eco-Friendly, Thrifty and Not So Thrifty Fashion Finds

Check out these spring fashion finds on both ends of the spectrum. The dress was found at a thrift store for $18 bucks, the tie dyed skirt was found at a Green Roots Collection, an eco-friendly fashion boutique, for a bit more, but well worth the money - it is made in the USA with organic cotton and the hat, which is made out of recycled material can be purchased at American Apparel. So there are many ways you can green your fashion - buy used, buy local and organic and buy clothes from recycled fibers/plastic. Doing so keeps shopping interesting, encourages the creation of new businesses from these alternative practices and makes the planet happy!

I will switch out the buttons on this dress, to something fun - maybe ladybugs!

I could not pass up this amazingly soft and swingy tie dyed maxi skirt.

Made of recycled yarns.

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