Sunday, May 1, 2011

OgilvyEarth: Green Marketing Failing to Motivate Mainstream America

OgilvyEarth: Green Marketing Failing to Motivate Mainstream America Sustainable Life Media I don't think companies marketing their green products is the issue with adoption. I believe that many companies are marketing their products as eco-friendly in response to a recognition that an increasing demographic of Americans are concerned about sustainability. One of the issues highlighted is that "green" is perceived as being too "pink", so the heck what? Women are responsible for 80% of the household purchasing decisions (large and small) and are outpacing men in earning advanced degrees, so marketers are wise for selling to women. Though I can empathize with men being uncomfortable with how products and lifestyles are marketed, those that are secure in their masculinity and have a real concern about the environment and its affect on our health and our future, could care less about "green" feeling "pink". Though, I would have to admit, it would be interesting to see how marketers would market sustainability to men, in the business world, selling on cost reduction is gaining traction. I love to hear your thoughts.

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