Thursday, June 30, 2011

Outstanding Teens

The photo features my son Michael's display in one of dozens of Outstanding Senior displays, highlighting the accomplishments of teens selected to represent their chapters. Last week I had the pleasure of attending my first and last Jack and Jill Teen Conference with my son, hundreds of amazing, accomplished and beautiful teens accompanied by dozens of parents. The conference was run by and planned by teens with support of loving and caring adults. Under the theme of "Be Green, Be Healthy, Be Innovative, Be You, Be the Change" many activities and meetings were conducted. The event was held in Michigan at Oakland University, which appeared to be a campus which takes sustainability seriously. Our conference bags were attractive and recyclable, skits, t-shirts, exhibits, community service activities and oratoricals really played up the theme of being green and being the change, and there was even a workshop selection on environmental justice! The older teens were given the opportunity to test drive GM's electric car, the Volt in addition to the Camaro. It was wonderful being around such youthful energy and promise. Our expectations for them to be the change in our communities was frequently stressed, especially at the worship service. While not all the teens were into the green theme, I feel that awareness of green initiatives and practices was greatly enhanced by the event.
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