Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thrifting And Living Green With The Girlfriends

This weekend a few girlfriends came up to Cleveland for a round of thriftstore/consignment shopping. We found some great deals. These sexy, sparkly, peach sandals were $10 and I'm sure will be deployed very effectively by my girlfriend at the next ladies night! We hit several stores, most of which were well curated and offered several vintage items and sizes for curvy ladies. Everyone found something - a purse, a party dress, a work dress, a feminine, flowing animal print top, a watch. We had a great time! I even got the ladies to dry some raw dried mango slices and gave everyone a cutting of mint from the garden to take home to root and plant. We had dinner at MELT a restaurant that offers a nice variety of delicious vegan and vegetarian substitutes for its menu items. Even my son will eat their veggie meat substitutes on Meatless Mondays! You should plan a green weekend with your friends. You could overtly say "hey let's do a green weekend!" Or be subtle about it and do what you do everyday but add a splash of humor and fun.
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