Sunday, July 17, 2011

Edible Flowers In The Garden: Daylilies

I'm sitting in the summer garden enjoying the light show being put on by fireflies, the sounds of the cricket concert, savoring the fragrance of the oriental lily and eating flowers. Yes, I said eating flowers - daylilies to be exact. The bud pictured was quite delish, had a crisp, fresh taste. All parts of the daylily can be enjoyed gastronomically. The buds can be tossed into salads raw or cooked with stir fries and soups. The flowers can be battered and fried or serve as toppers for a salad or pizza. Even the leaves and roots are eaten in China. You should taste a bud, then give yourself a day to be sure that you aren't allergic. Don't confuse daylilies, which have clumpy masses of grass like leaves with Asian or Oriental lilies, which I don't think are edible. Daylilies are a great plant for an organic garden, they are drought tolerant, hardy, easily divisible and spread nicely. They are available in a variety of colors, sizes and fragrances. Being edible is just icing on the cake! I would love to see more of these on urban farms.
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