Saturday, January 7, 2012

Green Your Diet with this Raw Sweet Treat: Pistachio Balls

Three simple, raw ingredients for Pistachio Balls

It's that time of year again, when we start to seriously think about our diets and health. If you are an aspiring raw foodist, you may have fallen off of the wagon ane are trying to get back on. I have a sweet, nutty and green way for you to kick-off your efforts. Pistachio Balls. This wonderful and simple recipe was discovered on a website I learned about today on NPR's "Travel with Rick Steves" show. Sasha Martin created the blog, Global Table Adventure with a wonderful goal, travel the world to appreciate other cultures, without leaving your own dinner table. How is this possible? Follow the blog to learn more. Now, back to the Pistachio Balls. This wonderful, green nut (red back in the day) has always been my favorite nut treat. I used to derive such pleasure in picking open the pryable shells and popping its contents into my mouth - red fingers and all. I recently discovered the amazing taste and aroma of pistachio oil, which tastes as great on salads as it does on organic Yukon Gold potatoes. Ground pistachios, pistachio oil, lime juice, salt and chopped parsley, makes an amazing and super healthy and green raw treat. Now through this wonderful blog, I have discovered a raw treat which uses only three ingredients, pistachios, dates and coconut (optional). Now for the piece de resistance - pistachios are really good and healthy for you aaaannnd they actually block the absorption of bad fats in other foods you may know like those leftover treats. Pistachios contain phytonutrients, which are substances which help to fight cancer. So here is the recipe for your the pics. I'm going to make these this weekend. Can't wait to pop some of these green goodies in my mouth!


tafino said...

I love pistachos and as you said so healthy but my problem is when I start to eat I can not stop till I finish all the bag :))). Great post!

GLORIA said...

Hi Tafino! Thanks for your comment and for reading Black and Into Green. That is my problem too!So far, I have been pretty good about not eating the entire bag. Shelled or unshelled for you? Love the colors on your website and I looove olive oil. Yum! Pistachio oil is awesome too.