Monday, January 16, 2012

Meatless Monday Sandwich

Compliments of via Pinterest

I have been sidelined this Monday evening due to a defective windshield wiper bladehield - if you have ever driven with a broken windshield wiper in the rain or snow, you know why I'm at home. The ole Prius is spending the night at the dealership. So what to do? Experiment with Meatless Monday in the kitchen of course! I'm going to make this delicious looking vegan sandwich recipe that I found on Pinterest, compliments of the website, Lunch Box Lunch. I love the juxtaposition of BBQ and vegan along with sauerkraut and arugula, especially on MLK Day! Sounds fun right? I did have to pay a little more for the organic sauerkraut, because the cheaper brands had some strange preservatives. I'm not trying to eat anything that has sulfites. I'm replacing the white sourdough bread with toasted whole wheat ciabatta. Bon Appetit mes amies!


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