Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Five Herbs To Make Natural Beauty Products

Making your own beauty products is fun. Growing your own herbs to use in these beauty products is cost-effective, as well as fun. There are other perks too - growing your own herbs means that you know what's going in your hair, what you're scrubbing with, etc. For centuries, herbs have been an important part of beauty products. If you want your own beauty garden, below are five essential herbs that are easy to grow and super-useful for making beauty products!

Lavender is one of the most commonly used herbs for beauty and well-being. Lavender is grown for use in beauty products for many reasons, and in many ways. The flowers of lavender are fragrant and give your beauty products a great scent. Lavender is often used to promote relaxation and calmness. The stems and leaves of the flower are often used in body lotions, facial cleansers and toners, foot soaks and salves. 
Chamomile is grown directly from the seed, then transplanted into a garden in warm weather. Due to the size of the flowers, it’s smart to grow chamomile plants all at once, so you can gather a lot of flowers to use in your beauty products. Chamomile is best grown in a drained garden bed, or it flourishes well on the porch in a container. The flowering part of the plant is used in skin, hair lotions and shampoos. The flowers are put in for their scent. A nice chamomile soak is a great way to remedy a sunburn or chapped skin from wind burn.

Parsley is a great addition to your beauty garden. Because it's so popular, it's easy to find in seeds and plants, but it requires a bit of patience if you choose to grow it from the seed. Years ago, the Romans and Greeks used parsley to cover odors, but now the leaves are used in beauty products to help fight acne. Parsley is also used in shampoo and conditioner to enrich and strengthen locks.

Lemon Balm
Lemon balm can be grown right on your windowsill. Because lemon balm can take over a garden bed in no time at all, it's wise to confine it to a pot or a bordered bed. It's a perennial plant, so you only need one. You can gather the green leaves for a nice citrus scent to add to all your homemade beauty products. Lemon balm is the most commonly used hair rinse to get other hair products out. It is also used as a face wash to get rid of and relieve acne due to its antiviral products. It's used often in salves and lotions to treat dry skin.

Aloe Vera
Every beauty garden needs some aloe vera. Aloe vera is well-known for its healing properties. It is grown for use in balms, lip balms and lotions to treat dry, burnt or chapped skin or to work into dry summer hair. Most people don’t realize that aloe vera is still used today to treat radiation burns.

You can grow these herbs in your very own home and begin making your own beauty products today. 
This article was written by Sally Rodriquez of Guest Post U. Sally writes all about natural health and wants you to know that she is planning on pursuing an online nursing degree. Guest Post U, provides free writing services in exchange for advertising. I've found the articles to be well written and researched.

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