Sunday, January 3, 2010

Raw Treats Are Good and Good For You

Chocolate Cashew Fudge - Real easy raw fudge recipe from Ani Phyo's Raw Desserts book. The teen liked it. I used leftover chocolate wrappers from a box of chocolates to dress 'em up a bit!

Super Easy Cool Lemon Pie - combined cheesecake crust recipe from Ani Phyo's book with the Cool Lemon Pie recipe from Carol Alt's The Raw 50 uncookbook. Had to double that recipe though to get the volume I needed for the pie crust. Yummy, lemony, creamy and delicious!

Pie slice.

These are definitely NOT raw, but are my son's favorite cookies. Jim Fobel's recipe of Chocolate Chip Cookies with a touch of orange flava!

Lastly, this is my son gettin his cookie grub on!

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