Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fruit Foraging Tips

It's harvest time and some harvests may be available to you even if you weren't involved in the planting. Occasionally, I'm surprised to find a delectable yield of luscious fruits in the most unusual places. Parking lots, growing wildly along the fence of an abandoned house or in the case of the first photo below, as part of an intentional or unintentional commercial landscape. Before you start your harvesting of these urban delights, you must read this informative foraging article by You Grow Girl blogger, Gayla Trail. If you do forage, please share your finds with Black And Into Green.
A clump of cherry tomato plants and a pear tree near an alley dumpster.


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ElleX said...

Happy New Year, G! I have yet to find any fruit or veggie to forage in my town! Perhaps I am not looking hard enough!