Thursday, December 11, 2008

Anthropologie Increases Selection of Conscious Goods

I recently posted about how difficult it was for me to shop at my favorite retailer, Anthropologie, these days. The source of my shopping angst has been the wide variety of products for sale that are made in China. Charming as these items were, I just have a difficult time justifying a purchase. I decided to share my concern with the retailer via an email which expressed my concerns and asked for more eco-friendly and conscious selections. Although my email has yet to be acknowledged, when I visited the website today, featured on the home page was a grouping of products titled "Gifts with Presence". Hmm. I wondered if this was Anthropologies' way of responding to my request. Sure enough, as I clicked through the assortment of items, I found that many were indeed conscious, thoughtful, eco-friendly and unique. There was a cool skirt that was made out of recycled vintage pants and made in Canada, a pair of earrings created from vintage fabrics, a tea service made in Cape Town, South Africa and a dress made out of vintage scarves. Now if only I had a million dollars to afford some of these items. When that skirt by the Canadian clothier Preloved, goes on sale, it's mine. I do want to support retailers efforts to sell these more earth friendly items. Look for my post on Preloved to learn more about their use of vintage fabrics in fashionable clothing for men and women.

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