Sunday, August 10, 2008

Green Jobs Now National Day of Action 9-27-08

Okay, so you missed your opportunity on Earth Day to promote your green agenda to family and friends. Congratulations! You have just been blessed with another opportunity to get the word out on environmental issues and it is one that your family and friends might actually care about! Green for All in partnership with several environmental organizations, is asking individuals from around the nation to host or participate in events that promote green jobs and the green economy. The event "Green Jobs Now - National Day of Action" takes place on September 27, 2008, the day after the first presidential debate. The good news is that you can have total control over the time, location and activities of the day, because you can host and plan the event. You can do this yourself or partner with a local non-profit or business to bring attention to the need for green jobs. Some of the ideas highlighted on the Green For All site:

  • Photograph a group of people holding "I'm Ready" signs around a location with a green jobs theme
  • Obtain signatures on a "I'm Ready for a Green Job" petition
  • Host a green jobs fair or block party to educate your neighborhood, family and politicians on the opportunities and the need
  • Organize a service or work project around an environmental theme, even teachers can participate through a green teach-in

Click here for more details on ideas for this event and here for general event organizing ideas. Whatever you decide to do, whether it involves you and a friend, you and your dog/cat/rabbit or you and your entire neighborhood, please be sure to capture your event on camera and upload a photo to Green for All to share.

Also, feel free to share your plans with Black and Into Green readers.

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