Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Going Green in Corporate America and the Public Sector

Are you looking to implement a sustainability program at work or in your business? Need to provide some supporting evidence to your team or senior management? Check out the book "Going Green: Outstanding Business Practices". The book provides 100 case studies of companies, non-profits, colleges and governments seeking to practice more eco-friendly business models. I plan to purchase this book in my efforts to promote sustainability in my work place. Progress is being made on that front-I have a lunch meeting in two weeks planned with senior managers and a consultant specializing in that field. You will be the first to know how it goes. It may be a hard sell in such a conservative field in a midwestern region. Wish me the best!


Ananda said...

Thanks for the post. I am going to pick up the book too. Your posts always make me more greenfully aware of how I live. Tyou. I love the photo of your page icon. Enjoy the long weekend.

Ananda said...

Thanks for posting the AddThis Book Mark button. This morning I clicked on and learned how to use it so that I can share my content with others in the same way you are doing. Many thanks. Since I got back from the Blogging While Brown Conference in ATL, I have been learning more about social bookmarking. This month I decided to try 6 new social media tools. I added them to my blogs and other social networking sites a few days ago. Now I am really excited because you helped me find an easier way to share my content. Thank you so much.