Saturday, April 5, 2008

Living Greener Living Longer: Breast and Prostate Cancer Prevention

Wow, I just found an interesting blog Slave Food that led me to another site featuring a report titled Breast Cancer Deception. I'm still tripping on the some of the tough messages conveyed by both sites. But that's okay because sometimes we all need tough love. Slave Food teaches us that not all soul food is good for the soul. Looks like the last post was written in November of 2007, but there are some interesting links still on the site that you will find helpful.

The Breast Cancer Deception report really hit home, while the primary topic is breast cancer much of the advice applies to cancer prevention in general, including prostate cancer. There are some aspects of the report that I strongly disagree with, one being that mammograms cause breast cancer. I am alive today because of a mammogram. Many women are dead or dying because they did not have a mammogram and have never had a mammogram. I haven't had a chance to read what screening measures Mike Adams (the author) is recommending as an alternative to mammograms. Self examinations are extremely important, but by the time you have felt a lump, often the cancer has progressed to a point requiring more intense and toxic treatment.

Key takeaways from the report:

1. Diet, Diet, Diet - low fat, organic, chemical free, primarily fruits and veggies (variety of colors)

2. Exercise and sunlight -turn off the friggin tv, get up from your laptop and take a long walk, stop driving every darn where - bike, run, skate.

3. Relax, breathe - yoga, deep breathing, laughing- keeps cells oxygenated, relieves stress

4. Go Green - use products with natural ingredients in your body, on your body and around your body (ie. cleaning products, detergents, aerosol sprays)

5. Go Green - avoid plastics, use glass and stainless steel containers, buy in bulk

5. Drink tea - Black, Green, Red its all good (another excuse for me to drink like a maniac!)

6. Vitamin D - 20 minutes of sunlight 100% requirement; supplements; foods high in calcium and D

7. Get out of Toxic Relationships - Stress kills, is he or she worth your life?

I'm not sure if Mike Adams is trying to hussle vitamins or videos, but much of the information on his site I found in other sources per my research when I was diagnosed with cancer last year. There was a lot of new material presented that I found helpful and at least worth further investigation. Please share this information with a loved one, co-worker or neighbor.

Live each day as though it were your last. Choose happiness! Go Green!

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