Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ten Tips for Greener Meetings and Events

With the Democratic Convention behind us and the Republican Convention just ahead of us, you may be curious about the environmental impact of all of those folks gathering together. The good news is that the goal of both parties was to have a low impact, green event. This is going to be the trend in event planning around the nation, if not the world (Olympics). So if you are an event planner, party supplier or caterer, click here to get ten tips for greener meetings and events (courtesy of the Green Meeting Industry Council). The Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Conventions (CERC) is another organization you can seek advice from when planning an event. For more information on some of the behind the scene activities to "green up" the DNC event, check out this article on the Andrea Robinson, the DNC's first Director of Sustainability and Greening. (How do I get that job?)

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