Monday, April 13, 2009

Teen Tested Vegan Snack: Black Eye Pea Fritters

Last week I made these yummy black eye pea fritters using a recipe from Bryant Terry's new cookbook, Vegan Soul Kitchen while listening to the movie "ATL" (TI!) in the background for a little southern inspiration (Bryant encourages you to listen to music while cooking). I was pretty sure that Michael, my bean resistant, chicken loving son would avoid these like the plague, but there was hope lurking in the recesses of my mind that he would like them. Mike walked into the house and wanted to know what "that good smell" was. A good start... I told him that they were fritters, "you know like hush puppies" - deliberately avoiding the words "black eye pea". Upon presenting these to him with the red sauce you see on the side, (an American version of a spicy Senegalese sauce) he wolfed them down and said "Mom, these are good, thanks." Golden. It was then that I confessed that they were actually "black eye pea fritters". You know how we do it - disclose after the feedback. To my surprise, he actually heated up the fritters the next day, bypassing the cheese stuffed ravioli leftovers. Amazing. Apparently, I purchased the bag of magic beans. Try these fritters for your family - they are magically delicious!

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Quiskaeya said...

Oh I must get that cookbook! What kind of oil did you cook them in?