Saturday, March 20, 2010

Elite Women Regional Economic Development Trade Summit

Hello friends! I apologize for not posting for a while, but I have been busy as the co-chair of an inaugural women's economic development event that takes place on May 5th in Cleveland, Ohio, "The Elite Women's Regional Economic Development Summit". I am meeting some amazingly talented women and some pretty cool guys as well as we plan for the big day. This program could not be organized without the collective efforts, talent and passion of these experts. The goal of this event is to help women business owners to take their companies to the next level. This will be done through bringing them together to exhibit, network and promote their businesses, participate in a selection of 30+ workshops and  two panel discussions. The workshops will be facilitated by gifted speakers and practitioners and will include topics on social media, marketing, access to capital, government contracting, procurement, affordable health insurance and of business. You know if I'm part of something, green is going to be on the agenda and it will be as green as possible. In fact, we are going to feature a panel discussion titled "Green Is The New Black: Growing Your Profitability In The Green Economy" it will be attended by most of the participants that day. There will also be an afternoon panel discussion which addresses the issues of developing tomorrow's leaders. Following this event, will be a Women's Global Business Summit in September, so watch out world!

One part of our green event strategy is to reduce paper and use social media to promote the event as much as possible andI am working with some marketing and technology business ladies that know their stuff! I know the attendees will realize a huge return on their investments as I am learning quite a bit just from being around these experts. I will share some of our green promotional strategies and links to the event in another post.

That's all I have time for today!

Keep it green.

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