Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ideas Wanted for Living Art Project

I need your creative minds to help my teen with a senior art project/competition! My sweetie was selected by his peers to represent his teen chapter as outstanding senior of the year in a regional competition. He needs to showcase his interests, accomplishments and goals while using the themes of "being healthy, being green, being the change and being innovative" (was this custom designed for us or what?). He is a volunteer at the local natural history museum, a debater, a fencer and wants to pursue a career as an environmental justice attorney. He is also a very humorous person! My understanding is that teens (parents) go all out in this competition, so we are really seeking that wow factor! We have so far come up with the concept of incorporating a living, green wall using recycle materials into his presentation, but would love to take a community approach in further developing the idea. Your thoughts/ideas?!

btw here is a link for those of you interested in creating your own living art project.


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