Saturday, December 10, 2011

Green Gift Giving for the Holidays

Toxics Avenger | NRDC Green Gifts It's that time of the year. Every year, I become Scroogier as I listen to reports of people mauling each other over stuff at big box retailers and dred buying more stuff for people just because it is expected. I feel a little better this year, as I started volunteering at a national fair trade retailer, Ten Thousand Villages, so at least in addition to being thoughtful about what I'm giving, I'm also being thoughtful about the benefactors of my hard earned dollars - artisans from over 38 countries who really need the money and are putting it to work in their communities. Many of these gifts are also eco-friendly, women friendly and kid friendly. Apparently many of you and your parents feel the same and cited in this article about increasing demand for greener gifts and quality over quantiy. We are not alone! Yay! There are so many more options these days as retailers are getting the message, even discount retailers like TJ Maxx and Marshalls have dozens or organic and eco-friendly options for those of us shopping on a budget. I purchase some great soy and essential oil based candles from CVS and thrift stores/flea markets are awesome places to find authentic, unique, awesome and made in America gifts - especially this time of the year. If you are inclined to shop online checkout the great offerings made available by the Natural Resources Defense Council - the law firm for the earth.

These soy candles are wonderful! At $7.99 - a great gift!

This is one of NRDC's gift options - love the diversity.

Gift option from the NRDC for animal lovers. Gorgeous wolf!

Educating children - the NRDC let's you give knowledge. Nice.

Toxic Avenger - NRDC let's you give the gift of eco-justice!

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