Friday, December 23, 2011

Summer-like Pop Up Park

Are you missing the greenery and warmth of the great outdoors already? Didn't get a chance to enjoy some of those wonderful concerts in the park your neighborhood offers? Well, if you live in NYC, you have a second chance! Openhouse Gallery is featuring an interactive exhibit called Park Here, which brings the summer indoors. Lighting, sustainability and entertainment values were given strong consideration in the pop-up park's design. There are food tastings, yoga workouts and concerts for the public to enjoy. Learn more here. Wouldn't this be a great idea in your city? We could bring the outdoors inside in areas where there are no safe green spaces. The "parks" programming could be supplemented by organized tours to actual parks, community gardens, botanical gardens and the like and employees from those venues could come to the pop-up park and give lectures, bring animals and do live demonstrations. It would be a great place for community artists and entertainers to showcase their talents. Funding could be a challenge, but not if you start small - perhaps a cozy eco-friendly room with plants, great lighting and comfy seating where one could just chill with a few friends - it's very doable. Libraries, churches and community centers would be great candidates to house something like this. Anyone tempted to give it a try in their communities?


Anonymous said...

I love cities. I've lived in many places including Washington, DC and New Orleans. Park Here sounds like a good way to wash away the winter blues.

GLORIA said...

Dianne, you have certainly lived in some exciting places! Thanks for your comments and thanks for reading, Black and Into Green. Happy MLK Day!